With our innovative approach, we work hard in order to create the designs that will extend to the future in your living spaces.

10 Years of Experience in the Landscaping Industry

Biyo Peyzaj delivers services in the field of landscaping business development, designing & project management on a national and international platform. The foundations of BIYO PEYZAJ were laid 11 years ago as EKOPEST which was a Pest Control / spraying company. Our company, which has grown and developed over time, continues to work on an integrated model, initially in professional garden maintenance services as BIYOBAHCE BAKIM and then as in landscape designing, application and consultation as BIYO PEYZAJ. In the landscape sector, which has been institutionalized in our country in the recent years and started to provide professional services, the primary goal of Biyo Peyzaj is to produce modern, permanent and sustainable landscape projects and carry out the landscaping applications in line with the regional requirements by following up the innovations and latest trends in accordance with the developing and changing landscaping criteria all over the world. What we primarily aim in the services we deliver is to ensure that our customers can have more trust in Biyo Peyzaj and to produce works that best suit your understanding of quality. Biyo Peyzaj is a member of a group company, and together with the other members, it delivers services with its specialist teams towards the protection of the nature, quality living and a sustainable future by prioritizing the human and environmental health.

Today, with the development of the landscape sector due to industrialization and urbanization, the people in the big cities began to live further apart from the nature. As Biyo Peyzaj, our aim is to design the best service models for you, to ensure that you have happier and higher quality living spaces and to reduce the distance between the people and nature.

Together with our team of experts, we work hard to achieve sustainable projects by closely following up the changing and developing world standards, by constantly improving ourselves, focusing on the human health and quality living.

Our Brands

Pest Control and Spraying Services

Disinfection Services

Professional Garden Maintenance and Spraying Services

Landscape Designing and Project Planning Services

Holistic Service

In our business model, we work together with different disciplines that support each other, from spraying to and disinfection to landscaping maintenance to organic landscaping approach to design and production.

Unique Architectural Solutions

Thanks to our knowledgeable technical staff, we offer the most appropriate spatial solutions for your space, from designing to implementation.

Quality and Trust

As Biyo Peyzaj, we stand out within the sector thanks to the confidence we have built as we provide quality products and accurate services with a view to ensuring the customer satisfaction.

Biyo Peyzaj Realizes the Most Appropriate Solutions for the Living Spaces of the Customers in the specified deadline but Without Compromising the Quality.

Why Choose Us?

We Love The Nature

It is our duty to increase the happiness and add value to the nature and life by rendering your living spaces comfortable and liveable.

Unique Design Solutions

Thanks to our qualified and experienced team, we offer the most appropriate spatial solutions for your space, from designing to implementation.

Superior Technology

Biyo Peyzaj explores new solution models in its line of bsiness. It develops and creates our customers’ spaces not only in an original way, but also by using and experiencing new special technologies.

Integrated Design 360°

Our approach enables us to manage all projects from designing to completion. Biyo Peyzaj Landscape Designing and Quotation Department divides each project into certain stages; e.g. Feasibility, Concept Drawings, Detailed Designs, Site Application and Progress Payment.

Turnkey Gardens

Biyo Peyzaj carries out turnkey applications. We deliver your gardens, ready for maintenance thanks to the services we offer in all branches of landscaping such as hard landscaping, soft landscaping, infrastructure and accessory equipment.

Quality and Trust

Thanks to our dynamic and flexible structure and the teams of designers and gardeners that develop themselves every day, we gained the trust of a number of corporate and individual customers with whom we work, by offering them quality solutions, owing to our team capable of creating and designing exclusive landscape designs.

We approach all projects from small-scale residential gardens to large-scale spaces with the same sensitivity, authentic approach and special focus on the quality in our services.

With our Sustainable Landscaping Philosophy and Innovative Approach, we work hard in order to create the designs that will extend to the future in your living spaces..