Quality and Trust

As Biyo Peyzaj, we stand out within the sector thanks to the confidence we have built as we provide quality products and accurate services with a view to ensuring the customer satisfaction.

Concept and Application Projects

Before making landscaping applications, it is required to draw up a project in which spatial layout is planned by a landscape architect, in an attempt to create the liveable areas. Our broad team of architectural staff works to design sustainable areas in line with this concept.


Landscaping Application

Operating in the field of landscaping applications for 10 years, our company strives to make you feel the touch of the green at every point, on horizontal and vertical planes both indoors and outdoors, by using a wide variety of techniques. Our services mainly include outdoor landscaping applications, indoor landscaping applications, green roof applications, landscaping infrastructure applications, hard ground applications, artificial plant applications, which continue to add value to the spaces of our customers day by day.


Vertical Planting

The use of vertical gardens both indoor and outdoor is an extraordinary and ecological alternative to the monotonous structures that we are used to see as part of urban living. It improves the air quality and reduces the heating and cooling costs when used on exterior walls. It adds dynamism and vitality to spaces.


Plant and Material Supply

As Biyo Peyzaj; we supply indoor and outdoor ornamental plants, artificial plants, hard space materials, irrigation equipment, wooden, concrete materials, etc., of all shapes and sizes, for our customers who already have a team, in addition to the applications we perform ourselves. We are able to ship these products all over Turkey and abroad.


Landscaping Maintenance and Consultation

Once the implementation is completed, our project space is made ready for the landscaping maintenance. Landscaping maintenance services are provided periodically with the mobile team or with the support of permanent staff. QR code system, which is the product of new technology, is used for the landscaping c maintenance. Thanks to this system, our staff can report the work done on the site, directly to our customer or the relevant person.


Special Events / Functions

The arrival of spring marks the beginning of the celebrations and parties in the cities, social spaces, commercial venues, with an increase in the enthusiasm and activities both visually and aurally; it is a period when the nature and people revive, market activity and consumption boosts in several sectors. Therefore, we recommend the Spring Festivities to rejuvenate your space, to influence your target group and to increase your sales by creating a new concept. In addition to the Spring festivals, the terrarium workshops that we implemented as Biyo Peyzaj have attracted the attention of people of all ages. We organize our workshops, which are both fun and social activities that allow you to relieve stress and relax, by holding them both for the public and in private groups.