Concept and Application Projects

Biyo Peyzaj has a broad customer portfolio which reveals itself in both small-scale and large-scale spaces. We create our concept and application projects, from the choice of materials to the appropriate equipment, with innovative research and an in-depth understanding of how people use the outdoor spaces.

Our Concept and Application Projects are prepared with an emphasis on 3D Visualization, Planting Plan, Hard Ground Application Plan, Sprinkler System and Drainage Plan, Lighting Plan, etc. in a Way to ensure that the solution of the space can be perceived at All Levels,.

The project space is designed in line with the usage, architectural style, physical conditions and customer requests. After the various alternatives are prepared, a participatory process is followed up in an effort to determine the items that will be removed, added or changed in the project submitted for customer’s approval. A quote is created by sticking to the project once it is approved.